SatisMeter changelog
SatisMeter changelog

Survey Throttling




This new feature is here to assist you in over-surveying your customers by setting up priorities among your multiple active in-app surveys.

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Learn more on how to set it up in our help docs article.

Reports for non-NPS surveys




We are improving non-NPS survey reports! We have released improved report widgets for CSAT, CES, PMF, and Custom surveys.

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Single-choice question improvements





Our last UX improvements allowed you to change at ease the order of the questions you wanted to include in your survey. Now you can also change anytime the order of the answers your customer can select.


Talking about single-answers, on top of showing you the number of answers given for each choice, our dashboard will also now display the same metric expressed in percentage.


Track Event API





We added a new endpoint to our REST API, that allows you to track events by making an arbitrary HTTP call to our API.

If there is a live survey configured to be triggered on a certain event, a call to that endpoint will make SatisMeter display the survey to the user.

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Check out this article on our Help section to see more details about how to track events through our API.

Autocomplete filtering





You were familiar already with the opportunity of filtering the results in your results dashboard or in the targeting section of your web survey.

We made some improvements on this matter that allow you now to quickly find the attributes in the list, thanks to the autocomplete feature added in our internal search box.


The autocomplete feature is available on the targeting section of your web survey when adding a condition to "Who should see this survey" > "Only some users".

You can also use the autocomplete in your results dashboards, where you have the opportunity to filter the results by different criteria.

New Survey Designer





A lot of improvements were made lately as we were setting up our new survey designer, now displayed as a step-by-step guide instead of a single-page builder.

To build your survey, you will now go through 5 very comprehensive steps that bring more clarity.


  • Template: Use a ready-made template (NPS, CSAT, CES, PMF) or create your own survey from scratch.

  • Design: Choose your language, questions, and style of the survey. Add more questions as needed.

  • Thank You: What text you would like to display at the end of the survey. Include a call to action button if you want.

  • Channel: Pick from a variety of sharing options, between web, in-app, email, or a public link. This choice will trigger different steps depending on the chosen chain.

  • Review: A last chance to review your settings before publishing your survey.

Conditional Thank You message





The thank you messages will appear on your customer's screen after they complete the survey.

You can now adapt your Thank You message to the situation whether you will face a happy or unhappy customer, based on the score given by the respondent.


This will allow you to adapt also your Call To Action (CTA), depending on the fact you’re addressing a promoter or a passive/detractor customer. On top of customized messages, you can add a link and a label to personalize your CTA.

Public link available





The classic channels to display your survey are the Web (show your survey on a website or inside your app) and Email template.

On top of these options, you can now use a public link to display your NPS through WhatsApp, Slack, or any social media that will serve your interests.


Once you have selected the Public Link option and reviewed your survey, you will be provided this URL you can share anywhere.

URL Targeting





We have improved the targeting of our surveys displayed on your website or inside your app. Once you’ve selected the Web channel and verify the installation, you will be able to set up your survey targeting.

Now, you can also use the URL targeting to choose on which pages should the survey appear, allowing you to be even more precise in your survey distribution.


In detail, you can choose to show or not show the survey on pages where the Page URL is, starts, ends, or contains a certain condition.

We remind you that you can also trigger your survey according to certain events occurring - see our changelog below.

Event-Triggered Surveys





So far, user trait conditions were the only option to control survey targeting. The survey widget would appear right after the page loaded.

Now you can send custom events to SatisMeter (with a web-widget code or via Segment integration) and use them in the settings to trigger a survey.

Screenshot 2020-09-08 at 14.30.16 (1).png

Find more technical information on events and how to use them in this help article and more about the use cases in this blog post.