SatisMeter changelog
SatisMeter changelog

Event-Triggered Surveys

So far, user trait conditions were the only option to control survey targeting. The survey widget would appear right after the page loaded.

Now you can send custom events to SatisMeter (with a web-widget code or via Segment integration) and use them in the settings to trigger a survey.

Screenshot 2020-09-08 at 14.30.16 (1).png

Find more technical information on events and how to use them in this help article and more about the use cases in this blog post.

PMF Survey Improvements

The initial version of our Product-Market Fit Survey was quite simple, with no metric-number presented. While calculations are easy, having the number ready at a glance is so much better.

From now on, you can also add the primary PMF question to any other (non‑NPS) survey and get the same results.

Screenshot 2020-09-09 at 15.13.03.png

Reorder survey questions

Previously, there was no easy way to reorder questions in your survey - you would need to remove them and add them back one by one.

Now you can drag-and-drop questions to change their order in the survey.

drag-and-drop 3-min.gif

Numeric and Boolean Filters

Filters are a great feature to make use of your customer data and have the ability to view survey results only for a certain customer segment.

We always supported string user traits. Now we also add boolean logic, numeric user traits and enable the use of filters for all other types of surveys.


Android Dialog Box

We had a customer report a potential issue when using SatisMeter inside an android mobile app. Sometimes users would close the survey without realizing it as there was no indication that it would close.

Now when the SatisMeter dialog box appears, the background gets darker to indicate that clicking away will close it. On iOS it has always worked like this.

Survey-aware Integrations

As you may have noticed, recently we added new survey types on top of our staple that is an NPS survey.

This brought on new issues with integrations, as those were designed to work with a single survey.

Maybe you have a survey you don't want to be updated on in Slack, you don't want to create conversation for it in Intercom or send data to Segment.

From today, you can go into integrations and set which survey specifically you want to be enabled for each integration.


Email Digest

We have improved the design of our email digest and made them compatible with each survey type we now offer.

You can set your preferences for email digests on project level (in Settings).


Email Surveys (via your own email client)

Sending a survey via email is something that was always possible in SatisMeter, but it was hardly intuitive and it required contacting our support.

That has changed now! Use any type of survey we offer, customize the email and download the HTML template by yourself. You can plug it into your favourite email client and use any targeting and rules it offers.


Free COVID-19 Business Impact Survey

Here at SatisMeter, we’ve always been big supporters of the SaaS community, and we wanted to give you all something that would be truly useful at a time like this…

Introducing the COVID-19 Business Impact Survey.

A 100% free survey template with unlimited responses (no matter what subscription you use) and made to bring you the customer insights you need during this pandemic.

Discover more about the survey.


Product-Market Fit Survey

We have another survey template to show you, a PMF Survey.

This is a benchmark survey to run if you want to find out if you have found a Product-Market Fit and your service/product is ready to scale.

Entrepreneur and startup advisor Sean Ellis asked users of various companies “how would you feel if you could no longer use the product?” and found that companies, where 40% or more users answered "very disappointed", were highly correlated to have a strong traction.

For example, Netflix had 58%, Slack had 51% and Google Analytics had 71%.