SatisMeter changelog
SatisMeter changelog

New Survey Designer





A lot of improvements were made lately as we were setting up our new survey designer, now displayed as a step-by-step guide instead of a single-page builder.

To build your survey, you will now go through 5 very comprehensive steps that bring more clarity.


  • Template: Use a ready-made template (NPS, CSAT, CES, PMF) or create your own survey from scratch.

  • Design: Choose your language, questions, and style of the survey. Add more questions as needed.

  • Thank You: What text you would like to display at the end of the survey. Include a call to action button if you want.

  • Channel: Pick from a variety of sharing options, between web, in-app, email, or a public link. This choice will trigger different steps depending on the chosen chain.

  • Review: A last chance to review your settings before publishing your survey.